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Pioneering Excellence in HR for Over 37 Years

A fervent believer in empowering Nepal’s human capital, he finds deep satisfaction in guiding individuals towards their passions. Looking back, it’s hard to imagine the 37 years that have flown by since he first set foot on this path. Back then, the world of HR was a far cry from what it is today – think paper resumes and fax machines! Yet, amidst the changes, one constant has remained: his unwavering dedication to helping businesses cultivate robust and flourishing teams.

A Commitment to Excellence, Crafting Legacy!

The passage of time brought with it a whirlwind of transformations in the professional world. Technology streamlined recruitment, talent management became a cornerstone of strategic planning, and employee well-being climbed to the top of the priority list. Throughout this evolution, he remained adaptable and ever-changing. Embracing new technologies and crafting innovative solutions, he ensured his clients continued to receive the expert guidance they needed to navigate the ever-shifting terrain of HR.

Milestones & Achievements

Mohan Raj Ojha dedication has not gone unnoticed. His 37-year legacy speaks volumes about his commitment to excellence and his unwavering belief in the power of a strong, well-managed workforce.

Growth Sellers Pvt. Ltd.

Growth Sellers is a complete management consulting firm with a promising track-record of quality service delivery and gratified clients, operating within the scope of Nepal since January 2008.

Growth Leadership Academy

Growth Leadership Academy is a training & development division of Growth Sellers, offering exclusive training seminars and workshops in the areas of leadership, professional management, soft skills & capacity building programs for both the business.

Corporate Club Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

Corporate Club Nepal Pvt. Ltd. aim is to develop ourselves as an outstanding destination over the days to come and prove our niche in the corporate world.

Management Association of Nepal (MAN)

MAN has been an important forum for developing management professionalism and a performance-oriented as well as socially responsible work culture in the country.

Federation of Outsourcing and Staffing Institutions Nepal (FOSIN)

Federation of Outsourcing and Staffing Institutions Nepal (FOSIN) is a non-profit organization of 2-10 employees and is the voice of staffing, recruiting and outsourcing institutions in Nepal.

HR Meet (Annual Conference)

HR Meet is the patented annual program that has been able to set a landmark in the HR sector and present itself as one of the most anticipated events in the field of HR.

Sales Summit (Annual Conference)

Sales Summit is an annual event specifically for sales professionals to enhance and upgrade the job-related skill sets of salespeople, who are the backbone of any for-profit organization.

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Mohan Raj Ojha believes in doing what one loves and being passionate about turning dreams into reality. He strives to strengthen the human capital of the nation and advocate for the skilling, upskilling, and reskilling of Human Resources in Nepal.